New book--"Anti-Capitalist Poetics in Action"

Still working on health, which is why I haven't posted here in so long.

But I'm launching a new book. It includes many "Daily Draft" poems available on my poetry blog--

And it is political poetry that I started writing after I read The Communist Manifesto for the first time--very late in life!

I fell in love with the beautiful poetic language in The Manifesto--and the clarity and truth of its message.

I said to myself, "If Marx and Engels can bring poetry to their economics, what would happen if I tried to write their economics into my poetry?"

Inside the Money Machine is the result--poetry for the "immense majority'—for those who work for a living, out of the house or at home, from the laundromat to the classroom, from the blue-collar construction sites to the white-collar desk jobs. These fresh, gritty and passionate poems are about the people who survive and resist inside "the money machine" of the 21st -century capitalism.


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